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Wind generator service when you need it

Routine maintenence is the surest way to avoid an emergency situation. Of course, you can get this service at your discretion by simply calling and scheduling an appointment. However you don't always get around to making that call, which is why we offer extended hours for wind generator repairs.

Regular maintenance you can afford

Have it serviced on a routine basis to avoid more costly repairs and replacements. Start with expert install and keep it in top condition.


  •  Blade replacement

  •  Installation

  •  Commercial wind generator customers

  •  Industrial wind generator customers

  •  Residential wind generator customers

  • Own 3 Vestas units now operating for over 15  years


Call 800-385-1628


As the owner of three units, we understand how these durable and sturdy generators work, inside and out. When your Vestas system has trouble, we'll be your best friend and fix it fast!


Repair maintain E.M.S South Dakota units new and used parts available.

All programs available.  

Treat your wind power generator

like a car, with regular maintenance

Keep your property powered up and running right

At Steve's Service Inc., you can get all of your automobile repairs, including expert radiator service. If you've broken down or need to move your vehicle, take advantage of our flatbed towing.



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